• Welcome to the 5th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit. This community-wide show provides artists of all ages—from pre-K to Waco’s...

    Welcome to the 5th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit.  This community-wide show provides artists of all ages—from pre-K to Waco’s professionals—the opportunity to express their concern about the climate crisis which imperils our planet today.  The science is definitive:  the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the gold standard of climate knowledge, reports that the world has only 8 years to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 45% to avoid catastrophe.  Although features of the climate, biodiversity, and plastic crises, highlighted in this show, are dire, we celebrate the aesthetic talent, creativity, and dedication of these artists.  We believe you will enjoy this exhibit, and be inspired to act on the climate crisis, mankind’s greatest challenge.



    1. EXPLORE the art through the “All Artworks” or the “Age Categories” tabs. The "All Artworks" section is arranged in alphabetical order by the artist's first name. The “Age Categories” are Adult, College, High School, Middle School, and Elementary. Use the arrowheads to examine the next or previous artwork. Click on the image to see a center screen view, and hover the cursor for high magnification.
    2. PURCHASE the art through the price/contact information on each main page, or through the “Enquire” tab. Transactions are solely between artist and buyer.
    3. 5TH ANNUAL SHOW WINNERS in age categories will be listed on the “Current Winners” page.  Winners will be announced online or at a ZOOM meeting
    4. ACT on the climate crisis through the “Act Now” tab, which provides multiple steps to combat the crisis.  Everyone can do something, and every action, large or small, is vital. 
    5. REVIEW outstanding art from prior years on the “Previous Winners” page. 
    6. CONTACT the host Waco Friends of the Climate through the “Contact Us” page. 


    Alan D. Northcutt, M.D.

     Curator, Photographer

     Director, Waco Friends of the Climate


    Adrian A. Northcutt

    Webmaster, Technical Director

    Aerospace Engineering Student, CU Boulder


    January, 2022