Act Now

     Combating the climate crisis is a Herculean task—it has been called mankind’s greatest challenge.  What we do NOW will determine the type of planet we inhabit, and the quality of life we leave for our children.  If we fail to act our biosphere will be degraded, with loss of biodiversity, severe sea level rise, megastorms, drought,  crop failure and famine.  Many of these impacts are represented in the climate art of this exhibit. 

     Rather than despair at our situation, the healthy response is to take action.  There are myriad steps we can all take to fight the climate crisis.  But if everyone will do something, I believe we will preserve a world that is livable,  clean, safe, and equitable.  Below is a list of climate actions,  in approximate order of more to less powerful.  I encourage everyone to choose some steps to take, in accordance with your ability, work, aptitude, and available time.


  • VOTE for candidates, at all levels, who are committed to climate action.  (
  • Demand these representatives take robust  action to mitigate climate change.
  • TALK often about climate change, and support elements of the Green New Deal. (Write letters to the Editor supporting climate action).
  • Chose an electricity plan that is 100% renewable. ( is a good choice).
  • Install rooftop solar or a ground-based array at your home and business.  (Saves money in the long term).
  • Drive less by walking, bicycling, or using public transportation.
  • Purchase an Electric Vehicle (EV).  (EVs are now often competitively priced.
  • Eat a VEGAN diet, or go vegetarian, or eat less meat/dairy.  Avoid food waste.
  • If farming, use climate-friendly methods:  no-till, cover crops, intercropping.
  • JOIN a local climate action organization (in Waco, )
  • DIVEST from fossil fuels, in your personal, business, organizational, and pension accounts (
  • Educate yourself:  The Uninhabitable Earth (Wallace-Wells), Drawdown (Hawken), Electrify (Griffith).
  • Increase efficiency of home and business:  excellent insulation, heat pumps, EnergyStar appliances, cold water washing, LED bulbs, unplug unused devices.
  • ELECTRIFY EVERYTHING:  no gas lines in new construction, retrofit to  eliminate natural gas.
  •  Fly less and purchase carbon offsets (
  •  Avoid bottled water, single-use plastic, straws. (Plastic is more important with less gasoline transportation). 
  • Plant trees that are suited for your climate, good carbon sinks.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse, repair.


Alan D. Northcutt, M.D.

January 2, 2022