• People’s Choice Award Voting Is Closed

    People’s Choice Award Voting Is Closed

    1.  Review all the art from all categories carefully, and select your favorite. 

    2.  Carefully note the number of the piece, which is in brackets following the

          title of the art. 

    3.  Click the voting link on this page.

    4.  Completely fill out the voting form, including name, email address, and art     

          piece number.  All fields of the form must be filled out.

    5.  If you vote more than once, your vote will be deleted. 

    6.  If you would like to be placed on the Friends of the Climate email list, please

         mark the box.  You will receive an occasional email which details activities of

         the climate action and education organization. 

    7.  We respect your information, and will not share it. 

    8.  By voting, you become eligible for prizes, with winners selected at random. 

         Prizes include multiple books on climate issues, and $150. 

    9.  The People’s Choice Award will be announced soon and included on the

          “Current Winners” page.

    10. Thank you for participating. 


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